Workplace Readiness

Soft skills are key to establishing one’s career path. Research by HR managers has shown that 80 percent of a person’s salary increase will be determined by their EQ or emotional intelligence. They also stated that lack of soft skills was the reason for firing over 85% of the time. With Coach Moncrief’s insightful techniques, learn how to communicate and flourish in all professional endeavors!




Desired Outcomes

To engage participants in the area of effective workplace readiness best practices. Also, to teach the concept of emotional intelligence and grit. This mission will be accomplished by using the principles of entrepreneurship and blended learning.

Our Experience

With over 40 years of hiring and developing youth and adults, Coach Sidney Moncrief will provide insight on best practices for successful workplace performance. Coach Moncrief and his partners will use the concept of grit to inspire participants to peak performance


Why Us?

Maximum interaction, cutting edge curriculum, and real workplace scenarios will drive participant's improved retention and production. Moncrief One Team strongly believes in the blended learning approach. Blended learning is the use of different modalities of learning to reach every participant. Blended learning also includes using both face to face and virtual platforms for the greatest amount of engagement.
Hiring managers and job postings for top skills required includes many of the skills we address.

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Coach Sidney Moncrief is an acclaimed Hall of Fame standout, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Five-time NBA All Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year, Sidney quickly learned how following one’s passion is key to finding success. With a focus on G.R.I.T., he uses his platform to positively impact others in an engaging and relatable way.

Coach Sidney Moncrief


Keynote Speaking

Sidney Moncrief brings his vast life experiences to audiences of all sizes. From blue-chip corporations to non-profits to government agencies to educational  institutions, he brings an infinite energy and obvious love for his work that revitalizes those around him.