Coach Sidney Moncrief and Attorney Stratton Horres Presents

The G.R.I.T. Factor Leadership Hiking Experience

The Book

The Grit
Factor in Leadership

Leadership Lesson From The Trail

Written by: Sidney Moncrief & Stratton Horres

Coach Sidney Moncrief

Sidney Moncrief

Sidney’s path took him to the lofty height of participating in an NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament for the University of Arkansas in 1978, and 11 seasons in the NBA, including 10 seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks where he was the team leader, a 5 time NBA ALL-STAR and 2 time NBA Defensive Player of the year. He was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2019. During his storied career, he earned the respect and praise of his peers including greats Michael Jordan (“he’ll hound you everywhere on both ends of the court”) and Larry Bird (“he takes no shortcuts and does everything you’re supposed to”).

Stratton Horres

Stratton is a highly experienced trial lawyer who has handled some of the country’s highest exposure cases in the course of his 40+ year legal career. He co-founded the Dallas office of his firm and grew it to over 50 attorneys from the original four. He also served as the Dallas office’s managing partner for over 27 years and served as the Regional Managing Partner of the Southwest and Southern regions at different times. He has been a member of the firm’s Executive Committee for over 20 years. He also served as the Lateral Hiring Partner for over a dozen years, opening many offices and bringing in legal talent across the firm.

The Hiking Leadership Experience

We have always loved nature and are avid hikers. There is something special for us about connecting with the outdoors and communing with nature. There is a freedom of thought, purpose, and focus that comes when nature penetrates our spirits.

More importantly, perhaps for this book, are key concepts such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and many more shared here are crystallized and stimulated when we are out on the trail. We discovered that for each of us, lessons and principles of leadership were revealed on the path, so they joined forces to write this book to teach and inspire others. The role that G.R.I.T. plays in becoming influential leaders became crystal clear to us during our respective journeys. Although we come from different places, backgrounds, and professions (for Sidney professional sports and the law for Stratton) the way we see the important aspects of life are fundamentally the same.


Our shared experiences inform this book. We hope you will be uplifted and motivated by both the words and original illustrations that follow.

We know that there are so many great books on leadership. The book we have created is unique and meant to supplement your existing leadership development system. More importantly, it is meant to inspire you to apply G.R.I.T. in your everyday life to enhance and make life more meaningful and rewarding for yourself and others.

Sidney Moncrief and Stratton Horres
November 15, 2021

“Thank you as well for a very thought provoking session. I appreciate that your method of promoting leadership skills and abilities causes me to examine my own, and possibly antiquated style of leadership.” Udell Ward- Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing 

This leadership hiking experience is geared to build your leadership community through our Desired Outcomes of:

The results of this learning experience will be building your leadership COMMUNITY

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Sidney Moncrief brings his vast life experiences to audiences of all sizes. From blue-chip corporations to non-profits to government agencies to educational  institutions, he brings an infinite energy and obvious love for his work that revitalizes those around him.