Student Development

Children and young adults need to learn in an entertaining way! Choose Coach Moncrief to be their mentor in social skills, emotional intelligence, and more.


Develop Me from A-Z

Develop Me from A-Z

It’s never too early to learn character building skills! This program is designed to provide young children with the necessary tools to be their highest self. With a focus on social skills, manners, and compassion, students are motivated to flourish.


Building the Best Me

Building the Best Me

Give your students a confidence boost with an entertaining guest speaker! Coach Moncrief will guide your students on the ins and outs of social skills, financial literacy, and emotional intelligence.

Fatherhood Engagement Workshops
(Step Up Your GAME!)

In this program, Coach Moncrief coaches dads on how to use soft skills to help their children thrive! With an emphasis on emotional well-being, new and experienced fathers can celebrate their child’s successes and improve communication.

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Coach Sidney Moncrief is an acclaimed Hall of Fame standout, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Five-time NBA All Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year, Sidney quickly learned how following one’s passion is key to finding success. With a focus on G.R.I.T., he uses his platform to positively impact others in an engaging and relatable way.

Coach Sidney Moncrief


Keynote Speaking

Sidney Moncrief brings his vast life experiences to audiences of all sizes. From blue-chip corporations to non-profits to government agencies to educational  institutions, he brings an infinite energy and obvious love for his work that revitalizes those around him.