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The G.R.I.T. Factor in kindness

BY: Sidney Moncrief


Transforming Your Workplace Through Acts Of Kindness

The GRIT Factor in Leadership

BY: Sidney Moncrief & Stratton Horres

$17.50 Paperback

$28.50 Hardcover

Leadership Lessons from the Trail


Reinventing You!

BY: Sidney Moncrief


No Risk – No Reward

BY: Sidney Moncrief & David Walters Sr.

The G.R.I.T. Factor


Taking Ownership In Making Our World A Better Place!

Step Up Your Game

BY: Sidney Moncrief & David Walters Sr.


Inspiring Tips on Being an All-Star Entrepreneur

Your Passport to Manhood

BY: Sidney Moncrief & Friends


Your Travel Guide to The Principles of Becoming A “Real Man”

Your Passport to Back2Basics Leadership

BY: Sidney Moncrief & Ulysses Bridgeman


Your Travel Guide to Peak Leadership Performance

Your Passport to Becoming a Valuable Team Player

BY: Sidney Moncrief


Your Travel Guide for Peak Performance at Work and Home

Your Passport to Reinventing You

BY: Sidney Moncrief with Tara Coyt


The Travel Guide to a High Performance Lifestyle at Home and in Your Career

Keynote Speaking

Sidney Moncrief brings his vast life experiences to audiences of all sizes. From blue-chip corporations to non-profits to government agencies to educational  institutions, he brings an infinite energy and obvious love for his work that revitalizes those around him.