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Team Enhancement


Team Enhancement assists all stakeholders with becoming a more cohesive team through authentic engagement. Seven principles of a high performance govern this team building process; Trust, Effort, Respect, Responsibility, Assisting, Communication, and Resolve.


Adult Leadership

Coach Sidney Moncrief will share the keys to Inspirational Leadership through his interactive and effective presentation on Leadership Coaching. Explore enhancing your awareness of  core values, emotional intelligence, and leadership characteristics.


Career Development

Moncrief One Team's workplace readiness development. 

Our Desired outcome is to advance successful career readiness for students through entrepreneurship, sales, soft skills development and workforce readiness.

Young people enter the workplace without crucial people skills. To address this issue, Moncrief One Team designs and delivers engaging sessions to effectively address student deficiencies. 



Entrepreneurship Development



1. Uncover the benefit of developing your brand

2. Discover the meaning & function of commerce

3. Sharpen your focus on social media branding

4. Understand the importance of your vision, mission,

and core values

5. Enhance your ability to communicate eectively

6. Gain confidence in your negotiation skills

7. Aquire the keys to building strong marketing

materials and presentations

8. Explore the techniques to building your company

through successful selling


Youth Leadership

Moncrief One Team youth leadership initiatives are geared to assist students in acquiring the necessary soft skills for success.


1) Learn the value of a smile and being nice

2) Explore effective communication techniques

3) Understand the importance of having solid core values

4) Enhance their awareness of responsible social media ettiqutte

5) Acquire the fundamentals of sales skills

6) Discover the keys to improving their emotional intelligence


Moncrief High 5 -Literacy and Leadership

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