Diversity & Inclusion

Powerful organizations celebrate differences! Build a more cohesive team with a special learning experience that celebrates your employees’ uniqueness. With Moncrief One Team, your employees can begin to feel “WE ARE ONE!”

Diversity, equity, and inclusion will increase retention, grow market share, stimulate innovation, and enhance workplace climate. Elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion which will be discussed:


Progress Made since September 1957 - 2:18

DEI Short - 34 seconds

Checking Our Bias - 3:26

We Are One



To build strong relationships throughout your organization grounded in the principles:


To increase the awareness in the benefits of DE&I through:


To generate true buy-in on diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives, organizations need employees to understand how they themselves, as well as their employers, can benefit from such an environment. There’s a need for content that helps DE & I departments make their points in ways employees will appreciate and understand.

Allow Coach Moncrief to inspire your staff with stories filled with valuable lessons about cultural awareness in a fun, interactive way!

Our Services


Moncrief One Team can customize a DE&I learning experience for your organization
To increase awareness, achieve sustainable change and fully embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity among individuals from different economic, ethnic, religious, and age groups. This will be done through strategic collaboration and unique engagement within your organization
A blended option which includes virtual is also available.

Increase diversity, inclusion, and equity

Increase diversity, inclusion, and equity engagement throughout your school community

Amplify relationship

Amplify relationship-building opportunities for groups of students, adults, and community leaders to enhance diversity, inclusion, and equity within their communities

Raise awareness

Raise awareness of how participants can be the best version of themselves when engaging with others


To create, plan, and execute a community service project or campaign with a focus on creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace/community


Moncrief One Team’s goal is to create an outdoor space that inspires others to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion

Educating, Inspiring, and Growing our Communities

These courts will be a source of civic pride. They will transform the minds and spirits of individuals while providing a healthy outdoor activity.

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Coach Sidney Moncrief is an acclaimed Hall of Fame standout, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Five-time NBA All Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year, Sidney quickly learned how following one’s passion is key to finding success. With a focus on G.R.I.T., he uses his platform to positively impact others in an engaging and relatable way.

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Sidney Moncrief brings his vast life experiences to audiences of all sizes. From blue-chip corporations to non-profits to government agencies to educational  institutions, he brings an infinite energy and obvious love for his work that revitalizes those around him.